Ramil Safarov was born on August 25, 1977 in the town of Jabrayil, former Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic of Soviet Union (now Azerbaijan Republic) where he finished middle school.

He is one of four brothers. Jabrayil was captured by Nagorno-Karabakh forces on August 26, 1993, and remains under control of Nagorno-Karabakh army as part of the unresolved Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Safarov's family fled to Baku in 1991. During a court hearing, Safarov recounted memories from the years of war, during which he had lost family members.

This, however, contradicted another version he told the court, where he stated that he was studying in Azerbaijan's capital of Baku and in Turkey from 1992 to 1996.[10] He continued his studies at Maltepe Military High School in İzmir and then at the Turkish Military Academy, graduating in 2000, after which he returned to Azerbaijan.

In January 2004, the 26-year-old Ramil Safarov, along with another officer from Azerbaijan, went to Budapest (Hungary), to participate in the three-month English language courses, organized by NATO's Partnership for Peace program for military personnel from different countries.

On February 19, 2004 broke into Margaryan's dormitory room at night and axed him to death while Margaryan was asleep.

n 2006, Safarov was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in Hungary with a minimum incarceration period of 30 years.

After his request under the Strasbourg Convention, he was extradited on August 31, 2012 to Azerbaijan, where he was greeted as a hero, pardoned by Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev despite contrary assurances made to Hungary, promoted to the rank of major.

On October 2, 2012 married Shabnam Mammadova.

No children. By religion - Muslim.

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"My job is to kill all [Armenians], because until they live we will suffer"

"…in another time in another place I would have done the same..."

"If there were more Armenians … I would commit the crime on all. However, this was the first and I didn't have the chance to prepare more punctually to commit this action"

"I feel sorry that I haven't killed any Armenian until now"

"…when they walked close to me they mumbled something in Armenian and laughed at me. That was the time when I decided that I will kill these two persons, the Armenians, I will cut their head off"

"My release is the triumph of justice"


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September 26, 2012, 10:45

From Tarana Ahmadova, Baku, Azerbaijan

Our dear and beloved President!

By this letter, I want to send you my best wishes. After the occupation of our lands when I lost my family, joy left me. And the imprisonment of Ramil Safarov further exacerbated my grief, as if it wasn't him who was in prison but all of us. All I could do was cry and pray. But I was really hoping for you. This hope appeared inside me ever since our country was led by the unforgettable leader and creator of modern Azerbaijan – Heydar Aliyev.

Finally, the good news I heard on 31 August brought me back to life. Thanks to you, my eyes were filled with light and my soul with joy. May Allah grant the strength of Ali Hazrat to your hands and the sharpness of his sword to your word.

Always be the winner. May Allah grant you and your family joy for your care about the people. Your success gave joy to millions. May Allah grant you good health, a long life, a lot of success and happiness. May victory always be with you! May Allah please you for pleasing millions of people! Amen!

I am sure that there will come a time when the policy of Heydar Aliyev will triumph, you will liberate Karabakh and our people will experience further joy.

Our people are praying for you! Allah bless you!


Tarana Muzaffar gizi Ahmadova
Mardakan settlement, Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan

20 September 2012, 09:50

From Elchin Suleymanov, Gazimagosa, Northern Cyprus

Dear Mr President!

The fact that you took a humanist step as a follower of the political course of our great leader Heydar Aliyev, returned the officer of our National Army, Ramil Safarov, to the homeland and pardoned him made Azerbaijanis studying abroad happy just like every Azerbaijani.

Dear Commander-in-Chief!

On my own behalf and on behalf of the 500 Azerbaijani students studying at Dogu Akdeniz University in Northern Cyprus, I express my thanks to you and wish you success in your work. May victory always be with us!

Regards, Elchin Fakhhraddin oglu Suleymanov, chairman of the Society of Azerbaijani Students Abroad and member of the international council for 68 country societies

Gazimagosa, Northern Cyprus

19 September 2012, 10:15

From Ahmet Bicik, Baku, Azerbaijan

To the head of the Azerbaijani state, Dear Ilham Aliyev!

I have been living and working in Baku for more than a year. As a Turk, I would like to thank you with sincere feelings for displaying wonderful leadership abilities with regard to Ramil Safarov. You are one of the wisest and most courageous leaders of the ancient Turkic nation.

I wish you good health and a long life. Regardless of how proud of you the beautiful Azerbaijan, which I consider my own homeland, and the Turkic world are, this is not enough. It is good that you exist, and always be with us. May Almight God help you!

Truly yours,

Ahmet Huseyin oglu Bicik, a scientist

Binagadi District, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic

18 September 2012, 10:55

From Aygun Mammadova, Ganja, Azerbaijan

My Dear President!

I congratulate you and our people on Ramil Safarov's return home. We achieve all this as a result of your domestic and foreign policies. You brought joy and pride not only to Ramil Safarov's family, but to the whole Azerbaijani people. I wish you a long life and good health.

May God protect you!

Aygun Mahir gizi Mammadova, Ganja, Nizami District, New Ganja, building 44, flat 21
September 18, 2012, 10:35

From Arzu Aliyev, Sumqayit, Azrebaijan

Dear President!

As the representative of Youth, I am very pleased with the news telling about the extradition in Azerbaijan and that You pardoned Azerbaijani Army officer Ramil Safarov, who was imprisoned in Hungary. It is the clear evidence of Your care for our people, youth. You have proved once again, that Azerbaijani state is support for its citizens. Your decisive step strengthened the faith of the people and National Army in Supreme Commander. I am proud of You. I would like to express my deep gratitude and wish You success in every cases. I am sure, that under Your leadership of the state, the youth has achieved great success.

With deep respect, yours

Aliyev Arzu Rasul gizi, Sumqayit, 18th Micro-region, house 29, apartment 48 Republic of Azrebaijan, Sumqayit

18 September 2012, 10:35

From Alasgar Jabbarov, Babak, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

I thank you on behalf of my family for your care and attention to Ramil Safarov! I am very happy that Ramil Safarov was released from prison and brought to our country. As long as we have a president like you, Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people will live.


Alasgar Vali oglu Jabbarov, a pupil
Azerbaijan Republic, Nakhchivan AR, Babak District

18 September 2012, 09:40

From Umudvar Amirli, Gazimagosa, Northern Cyprus

Dear Mr President!

As a follower of the great leader, you are doing a lot for the development of Azerbaijan. As an Azerbaijani citizen studying abroad, your resolve in the issue of Ramil Safarov made me proud. On behalf of all Azerbaijani students studying abroad, I express my thanks to you for this wonderful work for the development and progress of our native Azerbaijan, including Azerbaijani education.


Umudvar Azad oglu Amirli,
Gazimagosa, Northern Cyprus

18 September 2012, 09:10

From Turkan Burjaliyeva, Balakan, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

The imprisonment of Ramil Safarov for the murder of an Armenian who had insulted him, set fire to the Azerbaijani flag and insulted the Azerbaijani people concerned me and anyone who had Azerbaijani blood running in his veins. I looked on the heavy punishment meted out to Ramil Safarov with sorrow and hate. But there was a glimpse of hope in our hearts, because we rely on Mr Ilham Aliyev, a follower of our national leader Heydar Alirza oglu Aliyev, who is considered the second Ataturk in the Turkic world. You achieved the release of Ramil Safarov. We believe that the land of Karabakh will also be liberated from occupation soon and this homesickness will end.

I express my profound thanks to our president and wish his family good health and happiness.

I am proud of you, Azerbaijan!


Turkan Rafiq gizi Burjaliyeva, a student
Azerbaijan Republic, Balakan District, the village of Gazma

17 September 2012, 10:00

From Etibar Zahidoglu, Baku, Azerbaijan

Dear Ilham Heydaroglu!

I would like to convey to you my thoughts full of comfort dictated by my heart about Ramil Safarov. I cannot find appropriate words to describe these two events that touched millions, including me, an ordinary citizen, and made them even more patriotic – Ramil's reaction to the enemy's insulting action and your efforts to bring him back home. If I do not show my satisfaction, I will not able to forgive myself later.

One son of the homeland gave the enemy the answer he deserved and punished someone who desecrated our flag, which is the name, honour and dignity of all of us! It was a very fair and unique answer! You fairly returned to him what he really deserved. The work to bring Ramil back home and his heroism are of great importance! This means that you fought on a front that the people did not see and were unaware of. God bless Ramil and those who helped him to rejoin his homeland!

May God bless you for family and life lessons and give you the blessing of the people! It is a sin and an unforgivable mistake not to acknowledge the love for both of our men in the heart of every individual of our nation. Those who do not tell the truth and distort it should know: the work that was carried out gives us full grounds to believe that the Karabakh policy being conducted under your leadership will bear fruit sooner or later.

Your decision was an immeasurable, unprecedented and strong response to the enemies and became an important event in the national-spiritual awakening of our people! You both wrote a glorious and unforgettable page in Azerbaijani history! This event is a victory that cannot be gained even by several divisions! Oh great and brave Turks, let's always stand shoulder to shoulder like this, and in that case, we will be unbeatable and invincible.

Praying for God to support you and people like you,

Etibar Zahidoglu, the chairman of the "Mingachevir Village" Community

The city of Mingachevir, Azerbaijan Republic

17 September 2012, 09:30

From Samir Jafarov, Neftchala, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

We are representatives of a valuable generation in Neftchala. As a representative of the generation of the Hero of the Soviet Union Agashirin Jafarov, we have always supported our great leader's and your policies. The unprecedented development of our country is welcomed not only by us, citizens, but also by states of the world.

Dear Mr President!

We were very happy by your determined pardoning of Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov recently. This event strengthened our faith that President Ilham Aliyev is really the greatest patriot. Dear Mr President, on behalf of all the representatives of our generation, I state that we will always support you in your future work and wish you good health from the Creator.


Samir Namid oglu Jafarov

Azerbaijan Republic, Neftchala District, Heydar Aliyev Avenue 7a, flat No 8

17 September 2012, 09:00

From Firdovsi Gozalov, Baku, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President and Commander-in-Chief!

This letter is being written to you by a former fighter who is still your soldier. There is one issue that prompted me to write this letter and that's the international pressure on our country because of Ramil Safarov. Unfortunately, they are turning a blind eye to the crimes committed by the Armenians and are only reprimanding our officer who was defending his homeland and the honour of its state flag.

Dear Commander-in-Chief! Such pressure cannot force you to abandon our right cause. You just need to issue an order and guys like us are ready to crush the enemy on your orders. The people are always with you.


Your soldier Firdovsi Fayyaz oglu Gozalov

Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, Binagadi District, 6th microdistrict, M. Kazimovski Street 16a, flat No 72

15 September 2012, 10:00

From Sardar Nazarov, Kislovodsk, Russia

Dear Mr President!

I, Sardar Shahmammad oglu Nazarov, am from Saatli District. For many years, I have been working as a construction engineer in a big constriction company in the Russian city of Kislovodsk. On my own behalf and on behalf of Azerbaijanis and our Turkish brothers living and working here, I express our profound thanks to you for securing the release of Ramil Safarov. We are very proud to have a courageous president like you who enjoys great authority in Europe. Regardless of where we live and work, Azerbaijan is in our hearts all the time. May God make you happy for giving such joy to our people and dealing a moral blow to our enemies! We are always with you!

Sardar Shahmammad oglu Nazarov

Russian Federation, Stavropol Region, the city of Kislovodsk

15 September 2012, 09:30

From Anar Adigozalov, Baku, Azerbaijan

Dear Commander-in-Chief and President!

I was born and raised in the city of Mingachevir. I am a specialist with a university degree. Thanks to your efforts, we see Azerbaijan as even more influential. I am always among the people and keep close contact with rank-and-file people. Believe me, Mr President, that all our people love you very much, welcome what you are doing for our people and our homeland Azerbaijan, and are proud of you. Not only our politicians, intellectuals, teachers and students, but also people living in the most distant villages entrust their future only to you. There is no other person who can replace you in Azerbaijan. I am writing this letter on behalf of the entire neighbourhood and thousands of people who know me. Ramil Safarov's extradition to Azerbaijan and his release increased the great respect for you even more and proved once again that you are really a humanist and resolute head of state. May God protect you! May God always be with you and may you always be with us!

Kind regards,

Anar Firayil oglu Adigozalov

Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, Khatai District, Ahmadli settlement, Ashig Alasgar Street 4, flat No 34

15 September 2012, 09:00

From members of the Union of Karabakh Gazis, Agdam, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

The extradition to our country of our officer and patriotic son of Azerbaijan, Ramil Safarov , who spent many years in prison in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, thanks to your personal will and resolve and his pardoning and release made us, former fights Karabakh Gazis, very happy. We always believed that your policy aimed at returning Ramil Safarov to our country would be successful because you have proved with your actions and work that you are the president of every Azerbaijani and the commander-in-chief of every officer and soldier.

Mr President!

We believe that under your command, our brave sons like Ramil Safarov will show their words in deeds by liberating our Karabakh from the enemies. As Karabakh Gazis, we are also ready to show our strength on this path at any moment. May Almighty God always help you!

Kind regards,

Members of the Agdam District branch of the Union of Karabakh Gazis

Azerbaijan Republic, Agdam, the village of Guzanli

14 September 2012, 10:00

From Nehrali Jafarov, Babak, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

Our whole family thanks you for demonstrating humanism to Ramil Safarov. We wish you a long life and good health.


Nehrali Jafar oglu Jafarov, a veteran teacher

Azerbaijan Republic, Nakhchivan AR, Babak District, the village of Nehram

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