Ramil Safarov was born on August 25, 1977 in the town of Jabrayil, former Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic of Soviet Union (now Azerbaijan Republic) where he finished middle school.

He is one of four brothers. Jabrayil was captured by Nagorno-Karabakh forces on August 26, 1993, and remains under control of Nagorno-Karabakh army as part of the unresolved Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Safarov's family fled to Baku in 1991. During a court hearing, Safarov recounted memories from the years of war, during which he had lost family members.

This, however, contradicted another version he told the court, where he stated that he was studying in Azerbaijan's capital of Baku and in Turkey from 1992 to 1996.[10] He continued his studies at Maltepe Military High School in İzmir and then at the Turkish Military Academy, graduating in 2000, after which he returned to Azerbaijan.

In January 2004, the 26-year-old Ramil Safarov, along with another officer from Azerbaijan, went to Budapest (Hungary), to participate in the three-month English language courses, organized by NATO's Partnership for Peace program for military personnel from different countries.

On February 19, 2004 broke into Margaryan's dormitory room at night and axed him to death while Margaryan was asleep.

n 2006, Safarov was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in Hungary with a minimum incarceration period of 30 years.

After his request under the Strasbourg Convention, he was extradited on August 31, 2012 to Azerbaijan, where he was greeted as a hero, pardoned by Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev despite contrary assurances made to Hungary, promoted to the rank of major.

On October 2, 2012 married Shabnam Mammadova.

No children. By religion - Muslim.

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"My job is to kill all [Armenians], because until they live we will suffer"

"…in another time in another place I would have done the same..."

"If there were more Armenians … I would commit the crime on all. However, this was the first and I didn't have the chance to prepare more punctually to commit this action"

"I feel sorry that I haven't killed any Armenian until now"

"…when they walked close to me they mumbled something in Armenian and laughed at me. That was the time when I decided that I will kill these two persons, the Armenians, I will cut their head off"

"My release is the triumph of justice"


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10 September 2012, 10:20

From Feyzulla Allahverdiyev, Astara, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

Under your leadership, our native Azerbaijan has made great strides. The key to this development is the unity of the people and the President. This unity gives you the strength and confidence, which is you always make the right decisions. In the matter related to Ramil Safarov you have made a very correct decision. We support this decision and appreciate it. We are proud to have such a brave and courageous President. We are proud of you.

Sincerely, Feyzulla Masifulla oglu Allahverdiyev

Tangerud village, Astara District, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 10:17

From Telman Agayev, Bilasuvar, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

As a result of your successful foreign and domestic policy, a brave son of the Azerbaijani people has been extradited from Hungary to Azerbaijan. By your decision to pardon him you have shown the world your humanism. We congratulate you and express our support for your foreign and domestic policies.

Sincerely, Telman Yadulla oglu Agayev

15A Pushkin Street, Bilasuvar District, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 10:15

From Mehpara Huseynova, Agdam, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

By saving the worthy son of Azerbaijan Ramil Safarov from an unjust punishment in a foreign country and returning him home, you have granted joy and peace not only to his family and friends, but also all the people of Azerbaijan. Ramil Safarov, who punished an Armenian officer for insulting by an inhuman act the national flag of Azerbaijan, is not only at home now, he is also in the heart of every Azerbaijani mother.

On behalf of our family we express our deep gratitude for pardoning Ramil Safarov. Allah bless you!

I hope you will always be there with our people. I kiss and hug you.

Sincerely, Mehpara Aydin gizi Huseynova, IDP from the village of Abdal Gulabli, Agdam District

Binagadi, Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 10:15

Azerbaijan Technological University, Ganja, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

The release of Ramil Safarov without serving his sentence has greatly pleased the professors, teachers and students of Azerbaijan Technological University. We express our profound gratitude to you for this humanist step.

On behalf of the professors, teachers and students,

Rector of the university, Professor Telman Malikov, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor Bayram Bagirov, Doctor of technical sciences, honoured scientist, Professor Tofig Gojayev, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor Sakit Verdiyev, Doctor of biology, Professor Ahad Nabiyev, Doctor of physics and mathematics, Professor Bayram Aliyev, Doctor of economics, Professor Fuzuli Mammadov, Chief lecturers Namig Davudov, Khalida Agayeva, Arzu Hasanov, Huseyn Budagov, and chairman of the university trade unions, Nazim Karimov.

Ganja, Azerbaijan Republic

10 September 2012, 10:12

From Zakir Huseynov, Ganja, Azerbaijan

Your Excellency!

Your attention and care about the Azerbaijani youth are a continuation of the policy laid down by great leader Heydar Aliyev. The freeing of the brave and courageous son of the Azerbaijani people Ramil Safarov is a vivid example of your attention and care about Azerbaijani youth. We, education workers, thank you for that and believe that, under your leadership, we will liberate Karabakh from occupation. God bless you!

On behalf of education workers of the city of Ganja

Sincerely, Zakir Huseynov, head of the department of education, honored teacher

Ganja, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 10:10

From the team of school No 187 named after J. Jabbarli, Baku, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

The team of teachers, pupils and parents of school No. 187 named after J. Jabbarli in the Mashtaga settlement of Baku was extremely delighted by the news on the extradition to Azerbaijan and pardoning by your decree of the brave son of our people Ramil Safarov. We had believed that sooner or later we would experience the joy of this event. Our people are fully confident that we would also experience the joy from the news of the victory in Karabakh. So help you God!

Sincerely, Team of School No 187 named after J. Jabbarli

Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 10:10

From Narmin Jamalzadeh, Zardab, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

We have been very delighted that you have pardoned the brave son of our people Ramil Safarov. I have been doing karate and have won the World Cup for our country. Our national anthem was played and flag raised in distant lands. As Commander-in-Chief, you have shown great care of Ramil Safarov, awarded the courageous and brave son of our nation Mubariz Ibrahimov the title of National Hero of Azerbaijan. These steps have further enhanced interest and love for the military sphere in us, sportsmen. As a citizen of Azerbaijan, I want to support you in your unprecedented activities for the liberation of the occupied lands of our motherland. I would very much like, if allowed by law, to serve in the ranks of our armed forces, thus contributing to the liberation of our lands from the enemy and ensuring that our sacred flag flies in the clear skies of our native Karabakh. My dream is that the flag of Azerbaijan flies not only in World Cup finals but also in Shusha and Khankandi. And I believe that under your leadership, this dream will definitely come true. Allah bless you!

Sincerely, Narmin Akif gizi Jamalzadeh, winner of the gold medal at an international tournament in Odessa (Ukraine) in VKC karate, winner of the World Cup and gold medal at the World Cup, European champion in 2011 in VKC karate, silver medalist in World Championship in Antalya (Turkey), gold medalist in Eastern Europe Championship.

Zardab District, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 10:06

From Aladdin Mahaddinov, Saatli, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

Your decree to pardon Ramil Safarov, who wrote his name in the chronicle of heroism of our people, made us extremely happy. In this regard, we express our feelings of profound gratitude and wish you success in your activities.

Regards, Aladdin Mahaddinov,

Director of the Smadakand secondary school in Saatli District

Saatli District, Azerbaijan Republic

10 September 2012, 10:05

From Haji Novruz Sadikhov, Gakh, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of all the believers of Gakh District we express our gratitude to you for returning and pardoning the worthy son of our people Ramil Safarov. By this humane step you gave us great joy. We had always believed that Ramil's prison life would not be long because his case was under your control, and you have reached your goal. I hope you achieve all your goals. We are proud of you, support and will continue to support you. Inshallah, thanks to your foresight and wise policies our occupied lands will be freed. We wish you every success in your work.

Sincerely, Haji Novruz Sadikhov.

Gakh District, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 10:03

From Samadil Aliyeva and others, Ganja, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

On my own behalf and on behalf of our pedagogical staff, I express my profound gratitude to you for returning Ramil Safarov to our country and for your decree to pardon him. We wish you a long life and good health. You resolute action and humanist step boosted the courage and pride of our youth and inspired them to make more efforts for the liberation of Karabakh. Thank you for this!

On behalf of the teachers and pupils of secondary schools No 16, 25 and 29 of Ganja
Samadil Aliyeva, Elnura Yusibova, Valeh Huseynov

Ganja, Azerbaijan Republic

10 September 2012, 10:02

From Allahverdi Aliyev, Mingachevir, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

The religious community of Mingachevir warmly welcomes your pardoning of officer Ramil Safarov. By this order you have proved again that you are the President of every citizen of Azerbaijan. We are confident that you will also resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh issue in the near future, our refugees will return to their homes and Karabakh will become a flourishing region again.

Sincerely, Allahverdi Aliyev, chairman of the religious community of Mingachevir

Mingachevir, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 10:00

From Khalida Guliyeva, Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

I wholeheartedly support you bold, courageous, fair and humane decision to free Ramil Safarov from life imprisonment. My joy is boundless. This decision has instilled even more patriotism in our people. Your actions are a terrible blow to our ignominious enemies. All the Azerbaijanis of the world are talking about your act and praying for you now. You have always confirmed your words with your deeds. And we, citizens, are always ready to support you. I wish you every success in your tireless work and good health for the benefit of our people!

Sincerely, Khalida Guliyeva

Sumgayit, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 09:57

From Rafig Mehdiyev, Saatli, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

The extradition and pardoning of courageous Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov have delighted pleased us very much. We express our deep gratitude to you on behalf of the residents of the village of Alisoltanli and wish you every success in your visionary activities to save Karabakh from the Armenian occupation.

Best regards, on behalf of the residents of the village of Alisoltanli of Saatli District, Rafig Hajiaga oglu Mehdiyev

Saatli District, the Republic of Azerbaijan


From the "Freedom devotees" association, Baku, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

The news of the extradition to Azerbaijan of officer Ramil Safarov, who was serving a long imprisonment sentence in Hungary, his pardon and exemption from the remainder of the sentence by your order have caused endless joy with every Azerbaijani, everyone who loves Azerbaijan and members of the "Freedom devotees" association. This consists not only in the fact of pardon, it is a symbol of the restoration of the rights of a citizen who has shown true dedication to the Azerbaijani state and its symbol, the state flag, but faced with injustice and was sentenced to life in prison. From this point of view, the President's pardon of Ramil Safarov has legal significance as a restoration of justice. It is also a good indicator of loyalty to state symbols. Regardless of the attitude of the Armenian lobby and pro-Armenian political forces, you have signed an order of pardon, thus showing once again your truly independent stance and a strong position of the state headed by you. You have also proved that you remain true to the oath to protect the rights of every citizen of Azerbaijan.

Members of the "Freedom devotees" association, an organization of people who have dedicated their lives to the struggle for the independence of Azerbaijan, consider it their duty to thank you and congratulate the people of Azerbaijan, especially Ramil Safarov, his family members and loved ones, and pray to God to make this victory the beginning of even more grand victories.

At the same time, the association strongly condemns the irrelevant attitude to this event by both the Armenian government and some politicians who have been indifferent to this country's policy of imposing its views on international institutions.

Such politicians have been turning a blind eye to the Khojaly genocide which has no analogues in terms of cruelty in the world. They have viewed quite normally such individuals as Kocharyan and Sargsyan, people who have acknowledged to have been active participants in this tragedy, as leaders of the Armenian state. Their abnormal attitude to the extradition and freeing of an Azerbaijani citizen who had punished an Armenian serviceman for insulting the national flag of Azerbaijan actually reveals their true face. It is impossible to understand why these politicians, who remained blind to the murder by the Armenians of 9-10-year-old Azerbaijani children by explosives planted in a toy, in an act of cruelty disproportionate to any human norms, are discontent about a humane step that meets all international standards. The "Freedom devotees" association believes that building the policies of the modern civilized world on the basis of religious, ethnic intolerance poses a threat to the future of humanity, categorically condemns it and expresses solidarity with the Azerbaijani government in its measures in the name of the country, people and the state.

Sincerely, T. Y. Novruzov, Chairman of the "Freedom devotees" association

Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 09:52

From Ahliman Karimov, Kurdamir, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

The freeing of national army officer Ramil Safarov was a cherished dream of every Azerbaijani. We congratulate you and our people on this great victory.

Dear Mr. President!

Our people and the world community know that Ramil defended the honor of his country and its flag, and did the right thing.

Sincerely, Ahliman Karimov

Kurdamir District, the Republic of Azerbaijan

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