Ramil Safarov was born on August 25, 1977 in the town of Jabrayil, former Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic of Soviet Union (now Azerbaijan Republic) where he finished middle school.

He is one of four brothers. Jabrayil was captured by Nagorno-Karabakh forces on August 26, 1993, and remains under control of Nagorno-Karabakh army as part of the unresolved Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Safarov's family fled to Baku in 1991. During a court hearing, Safarov recounted memories from the years of war, during which he had lost family members.

This, however, contradicted another version he told the court, where he stated that he was studying in Azerbaijan's capital of Baku and in Turkey from 1992 to 1996.[10] He continued his studies at Maltepe Military High School in İzmir and then at the Turkish Military Academy, graduating in 2000, after which he returned to Azerbaijan.

In January 2004, the 26-year-old Ramil Safarov, along with another officer from Azerbaijan, went to Budapest (Hungary), to participate in the three-month English language courses, organized by NATO's Partnership for Peace program for military personnel from different countries.

On February 19, 2004 broke into Margaryan's dormitory room at night and axed him to death while Margaryan was asleep.

n 2006, Safarov was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in Hungary with a minimum incarceration period of 30 years.

After his request under the Strasbourg Convention, he was extradited on August 31, 2012 to Azerbaijan, where he was greeted as a hero, pardoned by Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev despite contrary assurances made to Hungary, promoted to the rank of major.

On October 2, 2012 married Shabnam Mammadova.

No children. By religion - Muslim.

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"My job is to kill all [Armenians], because until they live we will suffer"

"…in another time in another place I would have done the same..."

"If there were more Armenians … I would commit the crime on all. However, this was the first and I didn't have the chance to prepare more punctually to commit this action"

"I feel sorry that I haven't killed any Armenian until now"

"…when they walked close to me they mumbled something in Armenian and laughed at me. That was the time when I decided that I will kill these two persons, the Armenians, I will cut their head off"

"My release is the triumph of justice"


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11 September 2012, 11:15

From Gafar Jafarov, Baku, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

The fact that officer Ramil Safarov remained loyal to his oath to sacrifice his life for the territorial integrity of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Azerbaijani state and its official flag and gave a worthy answer to the Armenian officer who had repeatedly tried to insult our honour and dignity proved to the whole world that the Azerbaijani people are determined to sacrifice their lives for their homeland. His heroism will continue to serve to raise the patriotic spirit of our future generations for centuries. All honourable Azerbaijanis, including me, welcome your degree to pardon him on the basis of the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

For centuries, the Armenians have treated terrorists who attacked and exterminated Azerbaijanis and Turks as heroes, beginning from Andranik to Varoujan Garabedian, Monte Melkonian and other members of the ASALA terrorist organization. At a time when there are double standards, the Armenians who ignore the legitimate demands of the international community and the states that support them must realize that the Azerbaijani people are ready to close ranks around their sovereign state and its worthy President and sacrifice their lives for the liberation of our lands.

May God help you!

Regards, A doctor at the surgery department of the Kubra Farajova Scientific-Research Pediatric Institute and candidate of medical sciences, Gafar Mammadsadiq oglu Jafarov

Baku, Azerbaijan Republic

11 September 2012, 11:10

From Balagardash Allahyarov, Saatli, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

We thank you for the release of the patriot of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ramil Safarov. We hope that this humane and decisive step will never be forgotten. May come the day when you present medals and orders to the liberators of Karabakh.

Sincerely, Balagardash Allahyarov

Village of Gomushchu, Saatli District, the Republic of Azerbaijan

11 September 2012, 11:00

From Zeybulla Tagizadeh, Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

Dear President Ilham Aliyev!

Mr. President, by proving that you are the President of every citizen of Azerbaijan, you have freed the courageous son of our country Ramil Safarov from the imprisonment which he was serving away from Azerbaijan. Thus pleased us a lot. We are all proud of you. We wish you success in your tireless efforts for the development of independent Azerbaijan!

Sincerely, Zeybulla Maharram oglu Tagizadeh

Sumgayit, the Republic of Azerbaijan

11 September 2012, 11:00

From Suleyman Piriyev, Ganja, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

We express our great appreciation for yet another success of our country's foreign and domestic policy, especially for the freeing of our brave officer Ramil Safarov. We perceive this event as one of the confirmations of Azerbaijan's international authority, which has further enhanced the sense of national pride in all of us and become an example of bravery and courage, especially for our youth. We are sure that such brave officers and soldiers will soon liberate our occupied lands under your leadership as Commander-in-Chief.

Sincerely, Suleyman Piriyev chief medical officer of the Ganja endocrinology hospital

Ganja, the Republic of Azerbaijan

11 September 2012, 10:30

From Mirza Suleymanov and others, Salyan, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

Today our country is going through a period of widespread construction and landscaping. The creative and landscaping work has become particularly widespread in Salyan in recent years.

Our streets are reconstructed and asphalted, a new lighting system is put in place. Mr. President, the attention and care displayed by you and the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva, about the development of districts have boosted the morale of the residents of Shorsulu and Boranikand villages of Salyan District and indeed throughout the country. We are proud of our President. Dear Mr. President! As a result of your care about the development of Azerbaijani regions, 6.5 km of roads have been paved in Boranikand and commissioned for use by villagers of the Boranikand and Shorsulu villages.

Dear Mr. President! We, the residents of the villages of Shorsulu and Boranikand, are grateful to you and to the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva, for the attention to the development of our regions.

Mr. President! We express our deep gratitude to you for the extradition and pardoning of the brave son of the Azerbaijani people Ramil Safarov.

Sincerely, Salyan District, on behalf of the residents of Shorsulu and Boranikand villages

• Mirza Jabbar oglu Suleymanov • Vagif Gulu oglu Abdullayev • Oruj Annagi oglu Bayramov • Intigam Iman oglu Bayramov • Elshad Gambarali oglu Mehdiyev • Razim Mirza oglu Suleymanzadeh • Avaz Aliheydar oglu Abbasov • Balash Najafgulu oglu Ahmadov • Rahim Abilgasim oglu Ahmadov • Ali Gulamali oglu Eyvazov • Matlab Gafar oglu Eyvazov • Allahveran Atash oglu Babayev • Badraddin Nuraddin oglu Abdullayev • Maryak Alasgar oglu Panahov • Mammadaga Jabiyev • Rahib Hasanaga oglu Yahyayev • Hajibaba Agali oglu Agayev • Jamaladdin Yusif oglu Agayev • Gahraman Jahangir oglu Gahramanov • Alifaga Ibrahim oglu Rzayev • Mazan Avaz oglu Rzayev • Teyyub Agakarim oglu Salahov • Sadi Elbeyi oglu Akbarov • Nizami Allahshukur oglu Shukurov • Rasul Arastun oglu Guliyev • Zakir Yadiyar oglu Karimov • Hajibala Allahyar oglu Ahmadov • Agasaf Mirza oglu Suleymanov • Ruslan Misirkhan oglu Isganderov • Fazil Majid oglu Gahramanov • Fuad Jahangir oglu Gahramanov • Bayram Azizkhan oglu Ahmadov • Israfil Hajiaga oglu Abiyev • Gulnaz Ismayil gizi Guliyeva • Mirzaga Boyyukaga oglu Miriyev • Lala Muhammad gizi Rzayeva • Tellar Jabbar gizi Suleymanova • Shirzad Ganbarali oglu Mehdiyev • Gunesh Mayil gizi Guliyeva • Tofig Huseynbala oglu Aliyev

Shorsulu village, Salyan District, the Republic of Azerbaijan

11 September 2012, 10:20

From Tariyel Abbasov, Goranboy, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President and Commander-in-Chief!

I am greeting you from the village of Tapgaragoyunlu, which proudly stood up to the enemy. The news of the extradition to Azerbaijan of our officer Ramil Safarov, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Hungary for responding to an Armenian who had insulted our people and flag, and his immediate pardoning made us, residents of the village, doubly happy, because this is a heavy blow to the Armenian lobby and a graphic example of the fact that you are the president of every Azerbaijani. I convey the endless respect and gratitude of village residents to you for this great success and victory which was gained with your efforts.

On behalf of residents of the village of Tapgaragoyunlu, Truly yours, Tariyel Sari oglu Abbasov, pensioner

Goranboy District, Azerbaijan Republic

11 September 2012, 10:00

From Hikmat Javadov, Kiev, Ukraine

Dear Mr. President,

You have shown great humanity by using the exclusive powers granted to any state which is a signatory to the European Convention "On the transfer of sentenced persons" – the right to pardon a person surrendered in accordance with the Constitution or other regulatory documents, to apply amnesty and mitigate the punishment in respect of such persons. The extradition of officer Ramil Safarov to his homeland and his pardon by your order have delighted the Azerbaijanis living in Ukraine.

Your decision has further demonstrated your desire to protect the rights of every citizen of the state regardless of the country of his/her residence, has given confidence to everyone living outside the country in the struggle for our statehood.

Azerbaijanis living in Ukraine will always stand by you in your important and glorious activity against our enemies in the name of victory of the principles of statehood and national interests.

We wish you success in your historic mission!

Hikmat Javadov President of the Congress of Ukrainian Azerbaijanis
Kiev, Ukraine

11 September 2012, 09:50

From the staff of LLC Fakhraddin, Masalli, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

Ramil Safarov's extradition is the fruit of your foreign policy, while his pardoning is a reflection of your warm attitude to the people in your domestic policy. Our people saw with how much care and attention their president treats his citizen and soldier. Your resolute step increased our belief in victory. On behalf of our staff, we express our thanks to you.

Regards, Staff of LLC Fakhraddin

Masalli District, Azerbaijan Republic

11 September 2012, 09:40

From E. Agayev, Kurdamir, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

We express our gratitude to you for your wonderful step towards the extradition to Azerbaijan and immediate pardoning of Ramil Safarov and congratulate you on this. As a result of your foreign policy, this is another victory of yours over those who support the Armenians' aggressive policy. We hope that this victory will be celebrated in Karabakh land soon.

On behalf of the staff of the Kurdamir District Telecommunications Exchange, E. Agayev

Kurdamir District, Azerbaijan District

11 September 2012, 09:20

From the Maharramovs, Ganja, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

The good news that the long-standing negotiations to free the Azerbaijani army officer, a brave son of our motherland Ramil Safarov who was sentenced to life imprisonment have ended in a success and that he has been released was received with great respect in our society. On behalf of my family I express our gratitude to you for this great success. We believe that as a result of your successful policies our occupied lands will also be liberated under the leadership of our Commander-in-Chief.

We wish you success, a long life and good health!

Sincerely, The Maharramovs.

apt 21, house 16, 4th district, Ganja, the Republic of Azerbaijan

11 September 2012, 09:05

From Eldaniz Babayev, Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President Ilham Aliyev!

We express our profound gratitude to you for securing the release of Ramil Safarov, who defended the honour of his homeland and raised our banner. You proved once again that you are a president and a commander-in-chief who values his citizens, soldiers and officers. Going to battle together with you means winning the battle. We are proud of you.

Regards, Eldaniz Mirza oglu Babayev, Sumgayit, 34th neighbourhood, 4/46, flat 14

Sumgayit, Azerbaijan Republic

10 September 2012, 12:55

From Bahruz Ramazanov, Gusar, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President!

The Gusar District branch of the YAP expresses its deep gratitude to you for pardoning Ramil Safarov. Gusar youth evaluates Ramil Safarov's release as a result of the care and attention of the leadership of the country to every citizen.

Best regards, on behalf of the youth association of the Gusar District branch of YAP

Bahruz Ramazanov Gusar District, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 12:55

From Barat Bagirov, Agdam, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

The extradition of courageous Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov and your decision to pardon him have delighted all the people of Karabakh, including myself. I express my gratitude to you on behalf of all the religious leaders and other fellow citizens believing in Allah. I note that your order represents a call for solidarity of the Azerbaijani people. So help you Allah!

Sincerely, Haji Barat Vahab oglu Bagirov, head of the religious community of the Juma mosque of Agdam

Agdam District, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 12:50

From Samid Guliyev, Lankaran, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

As a result of your internal and external policies, our republic has won credibility in the international world. Now Azerbaijan has a say on many international issues. A vivid example of that is the extradition to Azerbaijan of our officer Ramil Safarov who was imprisoned in Hungary, which has been achieved thanks to your international authority, and his pardon with the great courage inherent in you and based on our national legislation. We, believers, share in the joy of our people. Each of us, being as faithful to the Motherland as Ramil Safarov, is ready to fight for the liberation of Azerbaijani lands.

Sincerely, on behalf of the religious community and believers of the village of Lay of Lankaran District
Samid Guliyev, Akhund of the rural mosque

Lankaran, the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 September 2012, 12:45

From Gabil Feyzullayev, Agjabadi, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

The work you have done in Azerbaijan is truly wonderful. The extradition of Ramil Safarov has become a holiday for all of us. We express our gratitude to you. We wish you a long life and good health. May, with the help of God, your next step be the liberation of Karabakh.

Gabil Seyfulla oglu Feyzullayev
Ayyub Maharram oglu Huseynov
Rahman Arshad oglu Mehdiyev

Hajibadalli village, Agjabadi District, the Republic of Azerbaijan

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